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[تعديل] Things needing administrator attention

I'm intending to get the C reference to the state of C89 at least. There are some things that need administrator attention though:

  • The font: A truly horrible default. I will have to try out different Webloaded Fonts to determine what fits the best, but 'Arial' would be a lot better choice for now (DejaVu can still be retained as second choice).
  • HTML entites: The Unicode Bidi alogrithm (or any bidi algorithm for that matter) doesn't work for inlining C within Arabic. I would need access to &ltr; and &rtl; for proper formatting.   and co is allowed, so it should be straight-forward to extend the list.
  • Templates: I translated two articles and migrated the needed templates but I couldn't get it completely right. Of particular interest to me is Template:dcl. This one is copied 1:1 from the English version and refuses to show the separator line. Template:ddcl on the other hand shows the line. I am clueless. Also, I edited both template to have a style tag. A RTL.css might be a cleaner solution.
  • How does one get a border around the C and Cpp Box on the Main Page like in the English version?
  • Templating: The Templates for description of functions and similar are automatically generated from their respective aritcle, right? If not, mirroring the overview sites and description templates would save a lot of time. It also will be easier for these pages as they are pretty forward in translation, just very time-intensive to manually copy over.

Can't think of more for now. Thanks for reading! :)

A3f.at (نقاش) ١٥:٥٦، ١١ يناير ٢٠١٥ (PST)

Hi, thanks for contributing. My answers are below:
1) I've changed the default font to arial
2) Didn't you have in mind the ‎ and ‏ entities? These are already available.
3-4) Most formatting problems were caused by old Mediawiki:Common.css page. New content from the English wiki uses other CSS identifiers and thus was incompatible. I've updated the Mediawiki:Common.css page, so there may be some issues with rendering of content that has not been updated. This can be solved by importing newer versions of templates from the English wiki.
5) I've imported the content templates from the English wiki. Editing should be much easier now.
If you have any more issues, don't hesitate to share. Cheers! --P12 ١٤:٥٣، ١٢ يناير ٢٠١٥ (PST)

[تعديل] Removal of C++

Because there is currently no content there, I commented it out. If you start working on it, feel free to uncomment. The C part is mostly done, There are Arabic articles on Wikipedia now to back it up, so finishing the last bit of the library shouldn't be too hard.

A3f.at (نقاش) ٠١:٤٠، ٢٢ فبراير ٢٠١٥ (PST)